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I am often asked how I became interested in recruitment as it’s not every HR’s cup of tea. Understandably, I guess you can say recruitment chose me and it worked out to be a match I embraced. I was inspired by a series of events that had caused me a lot of frustration with the … Read more

Investing in your Personal Development

Most of us strive to grow and advance both on a professional and personal level. But many of us dont make the time or a conscious and continuous efforts towards our personal advancement. Proactively investing in your own personal and professional development is one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself. Gaining a new … Read more

7 Questions to ask about Organizational Culture during your interview.

Since the beginning of the year, I have received a number of questions around organizational culture. The questions can be broadly divided into two categories. Organizational level questions such as how do we assess our organizational culture? How do we change it? How do we fix it? How do we foster the right one? Individual-level … Read more


The concept of Emotional Intelligence has been around for a while. In fact, it was nearly a hundred years ago that Thorndike[1] first noted the importance of our ability to understand and manage others. But it took some time for the topic to hit the mainstream. It was 1995 , when psychologist and science journalist … Read more

Take an active role in shaping your career. Becoming an expert of yourself!

Today, fewer and fewer people work in an industry where there is a clearly defined path for career advancement. Especially for those in the humanitarian, development and charity sector the career path is often more likely to be characterized by loops and bends rather than a clear cut linear progression. If anyone had asked us … Read more