Like all millennials seeking a career foothold, Elsie Korir, a graduate of Moi University, took an internship – a road to nowhere –  at an upstart production company at age 26 as a way of breaking into movie production. Inspired by our very own Lupita Nyong’o she too wanted to make it to hollywood, and […]

Take an active role in shaping your career. Becoming an expert of yourself!

Today, fewer and fewer people work in an industry where there is a clearly defined path for career advancement. Especially for those in the humanitarian, development and charity sector the career path is often more likely to be characterized by loops and bends rather than a clear cut linear progression. If anyone had asked us […]

Trust in Practice

Most of us want to work in an environment where trust is paramount and underpins business and team interactions. As leaders or business owners we need strong relationships with our employees and external stakeholders built on a solid foundation trust. What are some of the things we can actively and proactively do then to build […]

The Road to Trust

In the first article we looked at what is trust, its importance in business and the signs of a low trust culture. In most cases we recognize trust or a lack of trust in observable behaviors. Let us look at the 10 criteria for trust[1]. They can be divided into Swift Trust Criteria i.e. criteria […]

Don’t worry about it…Just trust me.

“Just Trust Me”. Have you ever heard this phrase from a leader, manager or someone in a decision-making position and instinctively felt a sense of apprehension? In this 3 part article series we are going to explore the issue of “Trust” and how as leaders we can cultivate trust in our teams, organization, with our […]

Ooh La La, Millennials

Though the exact years differ depending on the source, millennials are roughly defined as anyone born between 1980 and 2004. That’s quite a large group. As a so called millennial myself, I have worked with many fellow millennials but also with leaders and managers in organizations struggling to balance a multi-generational workforce. In a few […]

Start the week differently; make work fun, engaging & inspiring

In today’s world of employment the majority of us spend more time with our peers, colleagues, line managers, teams and in the work environment than we do with our own families, friends and in our home environment. As much as there are high volumes of content and many resources available on work-life balance and work-life […]

Want to work differently? Give engagement & appreciation at try

Employee engagement has become an increasingly important topic for organizations, managers and staff members alike. According to Forbes“employee engagement is the emotional commitment the employee has to the organization and its goals.” In other words does an employee actually care about their work and the organization and is (pro)-actively working towards achieving organizational goals? Is there […]

Want to work differently? Start by practicing inquiry before judgement at work

Each week presents an opportunity to contribute to a better work environment. In previous articles, I focused on engagement & appreciation at work  and making work fun, engaging and inspiring  The list is by no means exhausted but it is fair to say that there is a lot going on in today’s working world. Faced with these day […]