our story


The idea behind RavelWorks Africa emerged in 2013, when a HR, Learning and Development specialist with a management background and a Communications and Technology specialist with a science background came together.

We were looking for ways to improve organizational performance and boost human resource management practices by incorporating communication and technology solutions and producing engaging learning and people development programs.

From our experience we knew that:

  • Organizational learning, professional development and training programs were not yielding the necessary return on investment. Learning was often not being applied and transferred to the work environment resulting in too little positive change to really be considered a value addition.
  • Human resource management approaches and practices needed a major overhaul to move away from the traditional personnel administration and compliance focus to a strategic business partner model. The world of work was and continues to change rapidly. A paradigm shift was called for in human resource management to help guide and support change and transition, new ways of working and adaptations in business process.
  • Communication and technology solutions to enhance HR, learning and professional development were not being harnessed to their full potential. Moreover, few of the technologies or solutions being offered and even fewer of the talent being sourced was from the African market. Services available were frequently not holistic enough and the resource requirements (financial, personnel and time) were ill suited to the small, medium sized enterprises or non-profit sector realities and context.

From our experience we learned that:


  • were looking for a budget friendly one stop shop to address their HR needs beyond the traditional personnel administration.
  • wanted learning and development programs that could support and prepare their employees for success.
  • needed more purposeful and targeted internal branding and marketing efforts to create a sense of pride, purpose and belonging amongst employees. 


  • wanted responsive and engaging learning and professional development programs that used new delivery channels to facilitate anytime and anywhere learning.
  • were seeking a connection and purpose with their jobs and employers that extended beyond just their job descriptions and compensation package.
  • desired a stronger employee value propositions in an increasingly competitive employment market

Engage, Empower & Transform

We partner with organizations and their employees to co-create HR, Learning & Professional Development Programs that are adapted to the modern workplace, foster growth and inspire great working atmospheres.

HR 4 Social Impact

What makes us unique is our socially conscious business approach that enables our clients to build successful organizations while driving social impact in their communities


The dreamers

I have been in Human Resources, Learning & Personal Development for over 10 years. Throughout this period, I have been fortunate to work with clients and people all over the world which has influenced my thinking about the concept of work and my approach to work itself. For me organizational and individual change, transformation and progression is not about “thinking outside of the box” but rather recognizing that there is no box in the first place. My main passion lies in developing HR and learning programs which support individuals, teams and organizations to realize their full potential. I enjoy connecting multiple ideas (even the quirky ones) and seeing where the road takes us.

I am a SHRM-Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP), hold a Masters of Science in International Management and a Bachelor of Arts in European Studies and Modern Languages.


managing director

I have a persistent curiosity for finding answers & solutions to all sorts of challenges. With a Bachelors degree in Biochemistry, I have come to truly enjoy digging deeper to understand how and why something happened in the first place. I have always had a passion for technology and using it to solve everyday problems both within and outside the work environment.  5 years ago I started working in the field of Human Resources, Learning & Professional Development. I became more and more interested in finding ways to support people become a better version of themselves and to better the  organizations they dedicate themselves to. In this day an age there is no doubt that technology can be a conduit for people and organization to become more effective, have access to new knowledge and facilitate the exchange of ideas. For me the best way to know if something will work is to just go ahead and try it.