our approach


At RavelWorks Africa we partner with organizations and their employees to co-create HR, Learning & Professional Development programs that are adapted to the modern workplace, foster growth and inspire great working atmospheres.

What makes us unique is our socially conscious business approach that enables our clients to build successful organizations while driving social impact in their communities.We recognize and believe that businesses, no matter their size play a crucial role in realizing the Global Sustainable Development Goals 

At RavelWorks Africa we are committed towards a business model and efforts that contribute to SDG 8 “Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.” 

Across Africa, many young people and budding entrepreneurs with information, communication and technology skills often lack access to (self)-employment platforms and opportunities to use and showcase their talent.


As part of our business processes we provide young people with opportunities to access productive employment and decent work,showcase their skills, become employers and entrepreneurs themselves and contribute towards putting Africa on the map as a global talent hub.